wpid-20140223_085939.jpgAllison Drennan is a writer, artist, podcaster, student, and working stiff living in Bellingham, Washington.

She grew up in Anchorage, Alaska, the daughter of an oil man and the second youngest of a rowdy brood of five.  She spent some of her teenage years in Singapore, before ending up in this northwesterly corner of the forty-eight contiguous states.  She has also traveled to Mexico, Indonesia, Malaysia, Turkey, the UK, Ireland, and most recently to Bhutan… but her first loves are the sprawling deserts of the American southwest.

Her interests include: art, language, fart jokes, offering unsolicited advice, the beauty of outdoor spaces, and the inherent savagery of mankind.

All original works of fiction seen on the blog are in their rough form, and are slated for revision.  The finished product may differ significantly from what is found here. No warranty is made for damages of any kind resulting from the contents of this website.

You may contact Allison using the e-mail form below.

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